Services we offer

Transmission substation
  • Substation layout & Commissioning
    • Consultancy in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
    • Installation & Commissioning with channel partners (CPs)
  • Protection Schemes, Relay Settings & Testing
    • Consultancy in EPC
    • Testing and Commissioning with CPs
    • Breakdown & Periodic Maintenance of Protection Schemes

Substation equipment
  • Power procurement
    • Support to eligible consumers for procuring power in Open Access (OA)
  • Power quality
    • Consultancy to consumers regarding Power Factor (PF) and Harmonics.
    • Corrective action to avoid penalties and ill effects on system.
  • Substations and cable laying
    • Consultancy in EPC
    • Construction and commissioning with CPs
Substation Automation
  • Transmission & Distribution SCADA
    • Consultancy right from Feasibility Study to Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Installation & Commissioning with channel partners (CPs)


  • 2x630-kVA-Cast-Resin-Transformer-at-Sub-2
  • 16/20 MVA Power Transformers, Royal Palm RS, AEML
  • 20 MVA Oil Type Power Transformers Omkar & CPWD Receiving Stations of AEML
  • 20 MVA Dry Type NESCO Receiving Station of AEML
  • 2x630-kVA-substation, Dreams square, AEML

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