About us

SMM Pro Tech is a partnership firm established in 2017 by team of technocrats with core competency in Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical fields. The team was inspired by various aspects of our day to day experiences and decided to help society at large to render quality and trustworthy services.


  • Rise in electricity consumption and tariff hike has direct monetary impact on the consumer. Load shedding in non-urban areas do affect businesses and agricultural produce. Usage of fossil fuel for generation of electricity impacts environment.
    To combat the ill-effects (either in monetary or environmental terms) and considering the positive approach of government to encourage green energy, the Company chose to work in field of Solar installations, Electric Vehicles Charging and Solar agricultural pumps.
  • In small industries the old electrical installation methods and quality defy the engineering norms. The education and awareness in this is needed to prevent any mishaps. Utilising the expertise, the team ventures into consultancy and implementation of such installations. Also it was decided to help in automation of electrical processes in industries to be in pace with the technology.
  • Surveillance system is a need of the hour for protecting the valuable assets from fire, burglary and such causes. The experience gained by the Team in Corporate sector will be used to educate people for Fire & Safety and implementation of the same in industry.
  • Many chemical compositions are used in batteries, Fire extinguishers, petrochemical and allied industries. The raw material is very much important to have better performance of the product